December Member Spotlight Shannon Nylander, CPCE


Please welcome 1 of 2 of our December Member Spotlight's .... Shannon Nylander with St. Petersburg Yacht Club!

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Shannon Nylander, CPCE

I have been the Director of Catering at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club since 2000 and a member of NACE since 2003. The Yacht Club has been around since 1909. This is the first private club I have ever worked at and the biggest challenge is trying to introduce new things and ideas to a club and a membership that is so steeped in tradition and not changing. I do love a good challenge though.

I am originally from Denver, Colorado and am one of five girls, the middle one. My entire family still resides in Colorado, which is where I was before moving to Florida. People always ask why would I move from Colorado to Florida, and the answer is simple......there is a beach. I am definitely a beach girl and love spending free time there. I did go to the mountains when I was in Colorado; however you definitely had to plan it out and have the time. I do make it a point to go to Denver once a year, so I don’t miss not being there. Here, I live five minutes from the beach and can work a 10 hour day and still be able to go enjoy the beach at the end of the day. Quality of life is wonderful here.

I went to Johnson & Wales University and received a degree in Baking & Pastry Arts and also my Bachelors Degree in Foodservice Management. My first job out of College was as the Director of Catering at the Citadel Military School in Charleston, South Carolina. I was with them for two years when I landed the Pastry Chef position at the Westin Resort in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Pastry was my first passion and I did this for several years, until the self realization that I was much better with people
than holed up in a kitchen. I then put my business suit back on and got back to the sales side of things, where I have been ever since. I did get my CPCE certification this year as well, which I highly recommend doing to all of my counterparts. Not only do you get the certification, but the wealth of knowledge that you gain through the process of studying is invaluable.

My partner Melissa Boulineau (General Manager at the Hangar Restaurant & Flight Lounge) and I are celebrating our 5th Anniversary in December. We have also welcomed the addition of our son Peyton Riley to our family, who was born October 10th. The adoption will be final by the end of the year, and we couldn’t be any happier than we are right now.

Shannon Nylander, CPCE
Director of Catering
St. Petersburg Yacht Club
[email protected]

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