ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS: Are you free on September 23rd and willing to donate your time and expertise for a good cause?

If so, Community Pride Child Care (one of our TBNACE charities) is looking for someone interested in taking candid and/or formal pictures at La Bella Luna Masquerade benefiting Community Pride Child Care on Friday, September 23rd from 7-11P.

Please contact Dawn LaCross at [email protected] for more details.

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NACE Experience! 2011 Wrap-up PART II

Diana Tamayo, Treasurer and Owner of Cafe ala Carte Tampa

NACE Experience 2011 was amazing!  Regardless of your field, there was something for everyone.  Chef Jeff Henderson kicked-started the Conference with his inspiring life story, and I suggest everyone buy a copy of his book, Cooked: My Journey from the Streets to the Stove.  Each day includes a “general” session and they were all fun, interactive and informational.  What I found most appealing is the ability to choose sessions that interest you.  And those topics ranged from unique catering ideas, to how to market to “coming of age” events, like Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Quince parties.  

One of my favorite sessions was geared toward attracting corporate clients.  The simple realization was that there are only three ways to improve your business:

1) Increase the number of events you do,

2) Increase the size of events you do,

3) Increase the revenue you make at each event.

It is imperative that you write down your marketing plan, and list your goals by target market.  Also revealed is that corporate clients LOVE “package” or all-inclusive pricing.  Make it simple to use your business and they will!

If you want to enhance your social media strategy, check out, and will tell you how effectively you’re using Twitter.

Also, it was suggested that you alternate your blogs between corporate and social events.

For more information, visit, or email [email protected] to receive an informational newsletter with tips for growing your corporate database and revenues.  

It was eye-opening to attend the NACE Award Gala, which is always the last night of the Conference.  We recognized that in order to attain “award-winning” status, it takes a collective effort.  The winning chapters were those with a large percentage of engaged members that volunteer their time and talent for NACE meetings and fundraising events.  They also had a huge showing at the Conference.

Our “NACE Ninja” promotion put the Tampa Bay Chapter on the map and earned us recognition at almost every general session, and even some “mic” time from NACE National Board members!

I encourage every TampaBaymember to consider attending the 2012 Conference in New Orleans!  They are providing an early-bird special of $850, if you register by August 31st.  Please contact me for more information at 813-514-0783 or by email, [email protected].  I won’t miss it!

Check out Chef Jeff and one of our NACE Ninjas...

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NACE Experience! 2011 Wrap-up

Hi everyone!

We're back from the NACE Experience! 2011 Conference held in Reno, Nevada and super excited to share our experiences with you.  Since we're launching our BRAND NEW Tampa Bay NACE Blog, we thought this would be the perfect time and place!

Our goal is to make our chapter's blog THE PLACE to go for both local and national NACE news, idea sharing, current event news and just about anything we can find that might help spread the word about our amazingly wonderful, awesomely fantastic chapter members!

So, if you have news you'd like to share, a back you'd like to pat or a high-five you'd like to send virtually LET US KNOW by clicking here, so we can post it here for our chapter and the whole world to read!

To get this party started, read below to see what two of your chapter board members have to say about their recent trip to Reno for the NACE Experience! 2011 Conference...

Andrea McMahon, Secretary & Owner of Paper Presence 

NACE Experience! 2011 in Reno/Tahoe was my second NACE conference, and I am so happy I made the decision to attend.  I am a huge fan of education and of sharing ideas and skills with others, and what better place to do so than surrounded by hundreds of your peers from different industries like caterers and florists to entertainment companies to décor suppliers? In the 4 days I was in Reno/Tahoe, I was engulfed in the excitement and anticipation of what was in store, and I knew from the moment the opening speaker took the stage, we were in for a real treat.  Chef Jeff was unbelievable.  His story of success is such an inspiration, and he helped me remember than we can do anything we set our hearts to.  We just have to believe in ourselves and Never. Give. Up.  He lit a fire in everyone that prepared us to be open and ready for what the coming week had in store.  I attended a seminar about sales that taught me the importance of emotion in a business deal.  I attended another seminar where the hands-on creative process fueled my love of teamwork.  Looking back, even the 45 minute charter bus ride up (and down) the never ending, winding road to Virginia City was worth every nauseating minute.  I strengthened personal friendships, created new professional relationships, and left Reno/Tahoe a little sad to be saying goodbye, but grateful for what I was taking home with me…a greater appreciation for what NACE is all about: Education. Networking. Resources for success.  I am counting down the days until NACE Experience! 2012 in New Orleans (and stocking up on beads, of course). – I hope to see you there! ~ Andrea



Vicky Anglo, Event Professional & Owner of Anglo Couture 

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend the NACE conference this year.  I already feel that I have been an engaged and active member of our NACE chapter, but going to conference was an eye-opening experience.  This trip gave me the opportunity to meet and network with NACE members from all over the nation.  I now know and understand the purpose of our organization, and why it is so beneficial to be a member.  I learned about all of the other markets and trends, and most importantly I was able to learn how to share this information and help our own Tampa bay NACE members benefit from their membership.  The educational sessions and seminars were priceless.  I had the opportunity to learn how to close the sale, identify my client, meet leading runway producers and even some "de-stress" techniques.  The opening speaker, Chef Jeff, truly touched my soul and motivated me so deeply that his message will always stay with me. His story compelled me not only professionally, but also personally.  The conference was a wonderful experience, and I can't wait to apply everything to my everyday work week and life! xoxo - Vicky


To see more pictures from NACE Experience! 2011 in Reno/Tahoe, head on over to our Facebook Group page! 

Stay tuned for more Tampa Bay NACE blog posts, and remember to send us your news, too!

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